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Scale Replica of Fountains of Bellagio musical fountain water feature for sale $12,000 negotiable.

Potential tourist/customer attraction for a town or business. Would also suit the person looking for a grand unique garden feature.

This is not just a fountain with some music playing in the background. The fountain is programmed/synchronized to the music in the same manner as 'The Fountains of Bellagio' in Las Vegas. It uses the same technology.

See the videos below.

This was a personal project to build a small scale replica of 'The Fountains of Bellagio' in Las Vegas. In the end I built three but only have two as the third was a rebuild of the first. I did not want to just throw away the original so rebuilt it in hope that others could enjoy it somewhere preferably in a public location. This is not a commercial project but I might get something for my years of development and labour.

I originally built the fountain in my six year old videos on YouTube with white lights only and then the larger fountain in the more recent videos below  with coloured LED lighting. The large one is 4m long by 1.5m wide in a 7.5m x 5m pond in my back yard. This large one is NOT for sale.

I have refurbished the original unit as a 3/4 size version of my large one for sale possibly without lights at this stage. It is much lighter and more portable (Around 100kg).  There will not be any more made as I have already devoted 12 years to this project and the money and work required is considerable. These are the only replicas of the Fountains of Bellagio on this scale in the world to my knowledge. I have built a 10 light coloured light kit that can be negotiated as an extra.

The display part of this fountain is 3m long by 1.1m wide and it requires a 7m x 5m pond that has a level base and is 300mm deep. The mechanism is 4.5m long and requires a small equipment hut/ pump house immediately adjacent to the pond to house the main pump, filter and control boxes. There is a bit of flexibility in how the equipment is located.
Waving water is 2m high and Shooters go to about 5m.

It is controlled by DMX from a PC and has 3 water pumps (2 supplied), 1 fog pump, 55 Shooters, 3 rings of 12 nozzles, 8 waving nozzles and 1 static nozzle. It requires clean dry compressed air at about 10cfm. There are only half the number of waving nozzles as my larger fountain to reduce the size of the pond, weight and cost.

It is easy to operate. Basically you start the program then it is the same as opening a document in Word. The name of the file is the name of the song. When opened you just press 'Enter' to start the show..

Please note: This fountain is a rebuild of the original so many parts are not new. The stainless steel has some specks of rust, scratches and extra unused holes. This does not impact on performance and the mechanism is not attractive anyway. It is there to produce the display. A new one would cost double the asking price and I will not undertake building another complete unit. I would consult with a party that wants to develop one on a similar scale and many of the components could be used for that leaving most of the stainless steel frame unused. It looks better if mounted in a slightly elevated position. Any upgrades can be negotiated.

The location needs to be sheltered from the wind and it is not suitable for time critical applications such as weddings etc. unless this condition can be met. Lighting, especially coloured, is only of value in a location where it can be operated at night keeping in mind that in summer it is not dark enough to appreciate the colours until about 9.30pm. It does look great sparkling in the sun.

It is hoped that members of the public can enjoy the fountain in some public location and preference will be given to anyone who can help to achieve that goal. It could be a tourist attraction for a town set up in a park or reserve but it needs an operator and protection from vandalism.

This fountain would make an ideal attraction for a cafe or restaurant and with lighting would probably entice people out on a winters night. In a fixed installation it would be pot luck as to whether it could be played or not just as in Las Vegas. If made portable on a trailer it could be taken to functions and set up in the time it would take to fill it with 2000 litres of water so if the weather was not suitable on the day the show could be cancelled without having gone to the expense of setting it up. This could be made into a business.

Please note that the videos below are of my larger fountain with coloured LED lighting. They are not an accurate representation of the one for sale. Please look for the six year old videos on my YouTube channel for the original fountain mostly in the daytime. This fountain is a cross between the two with the same double number of shooters as in the large one but half the number of waving nozzles.

The smaller fountain that is for sale is set up in a makeshift arrangement in front of the larger one in my pond for demonstration.

What is offered for sale is the main mechanism that sits in the pond along with the four control boxes that are required to make it work, air filters and regulators with DMX software and dongle but NOT the PC.

In addition to this the following are required and are NOT included: -

A clean water pond of 7m x 5m across the centre that has a perfectly level base and 300mm deep where the mechanism sits. The rest of the pond can be sloped to return the water to the deep part. The pond can be rectangular or roughly elliptical.

A small hut/pump house at one end to contain the pump, filter, control system and air equipment.

1.5hp Filtermaster FX swimming pool pump with cartridge filter.

Audio Amplifier and Speakers.

Air Compressor of around 10cfm capacity with compressed air dryer ideally located away from the fountain as they are noisy.

A PC to run the DMX control software with USB port.

An Earth Leakage protected mains supply.

The fountain can be demonstrated and is offered as a sale of equipment only. I will NOT enter into a contract to supply and install before payment. I can advise on sourcing the extras required and there are companies that would supply the extras and install them and the fountain. These extras could cost at least $5000 without installation. I will assist with installation on terms to be negotiated.

I have a repertoire of 17 songs programmed for the fountain including three Christmas tunes as well as romantic and rock music. Not all music is suitable. The programming is the same as for my large fountain and other suitable music can be programmed for a fee or you can do it yourself.

Fountain Playlist 

Also Sprach Zarathustra - 2001 A Space Odyssey

Albatross - Fleetwood Mac

Con Te Partiro - Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman

Jingle Bells - Rosemary Clooney

Lady - Styx

Nights In White Satin - Moody Blues

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Gene Autry

Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Frank Sinatra

Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple

The Good The Bad & The Ugly - Hugo Montenegro

The Power Of Love - Jennifer Rush

The Wedding Song - Julie Rogers

This Kiss - Faith Hill

Top Gun Anthem - Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens

Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers

Waterfront - Simple Minds

Ideally the purchaser will have some electro-mechanical knowledge or engage the services of a firm that does so as to not be dependent on me for maintenance although I am willing to do maintenance within a reasonable distance. It is generally very reliable. The pond needs to be kept to near swimming pool standard (clean,free of leaf debris and algae) which will probably require someone else. Some spares can be included.

I have a design for a portable pond that would enable the fountain to be moved around on a large trailer and protect it from vandalism when not in use but this has not yet been built and is not included. This and the lighting package can be negotiated as extras.

More videos of my fountains and other work can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/user/MalcolmDyer


The videos are best viewed in HD.








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